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Admin Dashboard
Connecting various operations to a central location eliminates the scope for redundant data, automates the process, and increases school staff’s productivity. An all-in-one ERP solution enables stakeholders to access tasks and information at any time, from anywhere.
Teacher Dashboard
Simplify and elevate your weekly teaching routine with the Scholastic Teacher Dashboard. Now educators have one place to view dynamic reports across all of Scholastic’s connected learning solutions. With action-oriented insights and real-time recommendations, the dashboard guides teachers toward the right next step for every student in whole-class, small-group, and independent practice.
Syllabus dashboard
BIRDSONG OS is a centralized, template-driven platform that enables instructors to quickly personalize and publish interactive class syllabi—directly within the LMS.
Result Analysis Dashboard
Firstly, with this dashboard, we can track the school’s enrollment details by noting the total number of students and faculty, along with attendance percentages. Also, we can see how many students and faculty members chose to return to the school. The "Mode of Transits" doughnut chart displays the number of students who depend on the bus to get to school versus the number of students who use private vehicles. This data can help the school ensure they are able to meet students' transportation needs.
Student dashboard
This dashboard allows viewers to track enrollment by noting the total number of students and their attendance percentages. The “Examination result by branch” column chart displays students’ exam results by subject. Also, users can track the average score for each subject
Attendance dashboard
This dashboard gives you a snapshot of when your employees and/or colleagues are present at your business office, home office, have break or are absent. It allows you to easily create custom reports for the Finance office’s budgeting needs.
Individual Attendance dashboard
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Payroll dashboard
Keep your promise of paying your employees the right pays at the right time, across regions. Overcome the hurdle of constant payroll updates - from tax to regulatory changes - through an organized system. With integrated Time & Attendance and Expense modules, BIRDSONG offers a Cloud Based Global Payroll Software that can be deployed on-cloud, on-premise or as a managed service offering. With BIRDSONG, you get to save money on outsourcing payroll activities.
CRM dashboard
Customer relationship management (CRM) involves all kinds of variables and data points that frequently change, so keeping up can be tough. CRM dashboards, though, update key data in real time so you and your sales team can make the smartest decisions. Using their dashboards to their fullest extent is a key element of sales success.
Inventory dashboard
The inventory management module is an integral part and a critical component of all ERP systems. This cloud-hosted module forms the backbone to manage all businesses that have warehousing and storage functions, assisting them in optimizing space and reducing operational costs.
Transport dashboard
BIRDSONG provides complete solutions for an end to end transport management application for school. We offer hassle free automated transport opting for parents, online & offline fee management, realtime access to student safety, live tracking of school buses, parent communication & unlimited access to various reports for data driven decisions.
Naipunya dashboard
BIRDSONG Schools offered free access to hundreds of courses for school students from May to September Every year as a rapid response to school closures. We'd like to thank our partners who participated in this initiative.

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Students can login to Birdsong OS and avail the best tech support to enhance their learning experiences.

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With Birdsong OS, educators will be able to bring engaging content to their students and raise their curiosity.

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Birdsong OS is the best school management software in the market with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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Personalised Dashboards

  • Reminders of workflow to each & every employee
  • In-built communication system between stakeholders
  • Effortless monitoring system
  • SMS alerts while opening / resolving a token
  • Hierarchical based approval system

Finance Management

  • Student Fees Management
  • Class wise fee structure
  • Income collection at branch / group office
  • Automated term instalment reminder
  • Deletions with OTP authentication
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Payment Gateway Integration

  • Simple, secured and encrypted payment gateway
  • Easy pay with mobile app and parent login
  • Multiple payment gateways - Pay'U' money, Atom, CC Avenue, Bill Desk etc..
  • SMS confirmation on payment success
  • Print copy option available


  • Zonal / Branch wise collection and receivables by overdue date
  • Expenses management with hierarchical approvals
  • Employee advances management
  • Income and Expense Bank reconciliation
  • Transfers between branches, banks and approval for the same

Academic Management

  • Institutional Subject-wise curriculum planning and also electives option
  • User defined exam pattern
  • Subject wise variation in maximum marks and pass marks
  • Exclusion of choice of mandatory and optional subjects from total inclusion
  • Access result analysis and yearly report of students

Lesson Planning

  • Period allocation as per timetable setup and number of working days
  • Period postponement facility during exams/ unexpected holidays
  • Completed/Pending status of periods updated by staff individually
  • Confidential reviews on subject teaching accessed by admins only
  • Resource files (PDFs, Videos, PPTs, URLs) can be Downloaded which are uploaded by subject specific teachers

Online Exams

  • Topic wise mock tests
  • Exam time table for different levels
  • SMS notification on exams
  • Option for fixed/random questions
  • Topic wise/Exam wise results

Online Classes

  • Online classes by school Mobile app
  • Advance class scheduling
  • Enabling link at allotted time
  • Class reminders by push notifications
  • Topic wise attendance updation

Smart Attendance

  • Variety of wireless hardware devices to track dynamic attendance
  • Monitor student attendance by ID card / Biometric
  • Automated In/Out & Absentee SMS alerts to parents
  • Smart attendance tracking integrated with payroll
  • Leave approval integrated with payroll

Payroll Management

  • Full-fledged integrated leave management system integrated with Smart Attendance
  • Employee wise differentiation of allowances/ deductions formulae
  • Loss of pay calculation for specified number of lates
  • Salary payslips through mobile or web app
  • Deduction of advances while generating payroll

Homework & Diary

  • Teaching staff can add diary for their respective subjects in their logins
  • Office clerk can add class wise diary at once to all classes
  • Diary SMS can be sent to parents at once to all classes
  • Parents can view previous / current day's diary of their student in their logins
  • Remarks shared to parents by opting SMS notification


  • Class wise timetable setup for subjects along with concerned staff
  • Substitution as per individual staff’s availability/free period
  • Substitute periods alerts to staff
  • Allocated periods can be viewed by staff wise / class wise between dates
  • Teacher / Parent can check today's time table by Mobile App


  • Automated certificate generation allows you for all kinds of certificates needed by the school
  • All kinds of school certificates generated by ERP are 100% customizable
  • Bonafide certificate request through login and printed copies to students can be given physically
  • Saves valuable time and simplifies process

ID Cards

  • Automatic generation of ID cards at the time of student admission
  • Hassle-free online proofing and correction
  • Template can be differentiated by student wise also
  • Class/Section wise Pending/Completed ID cards count
  • Duplicate ID card generation can be done at your end
  • Premium quality executive holders

Vehicle Tracking

  • Route details and stop wise student allocation
  • Stop wise fee setup
  • Fuel consumption and KM reading on daily basis
  • Route wise outstanding report facilitates collection of long-period overdue School B
  • SMS alerts to management on violation of route plan/speed limit


  • Real time communication with staff, parents, students, friends etc..
  • Notifications/Communications by bulk SMS, Email, Internal Mailing System and WhatsApp
  • SMS can be sent to "DND" numbers also and Delivery within seconds
  • General announcements, Attendance SMS, Due alerts, Exam time table & Result SMS, Diary/Home Work SMS, Route wise SMS etc..
  • Notices and OTP for approvals
  • Promotional SMS

Library Management

  • Department wise multiple library management
  • Book search / issue / return / movement for student / staff / guests
  • Shifting of books between two school libraries
  • Book location in rack be identified
  • Fine collection for unreturned/damaged books

Inventory / Assets

  • Vendor management
  • Purchase request & orders
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory sale / return with COMBO packs
  • Can track PO status by order number
  • Bulk / Individual price setup

Own Website Integration

  • Registration of institute’s domain name and domain hosting (Ex :
  • Planning, Designing and Implementing website as per institution demand
  • Facilitate user friendly navigation and experience
  • Management of your website content
  • Mobile friendly designs to meet trend

Digital Marketing

  • Complete Digital Marketing Services for Educational Institutions
  • Super and engaging content to boost online presence via organic and paid channels
  • Build your online hub with interactive virtual classes and for all activities
  • Take your classes and coaching online with help of our expert team
  • Easy, affordable, and interactive website development for educational institutions
  • Advance your institution admissions with our digital and innovative strategies

Mobile App

  • Mobilized user experience and friendly interface
  • Provision of App in the name of school
  • Online Classes / Exams can be done by the APP
  • Best Suite for parents to check student information
  • Fee payment through app

Data Migration

  • Easy data migration with consistency within a week time
  • Single click updating of employees, students or finance entries
  • Downloadable data in excel format with authorised OTP
  • Auto scheduling of daily/weekly backups to our disaster recovery point
  • Restoration of backups from excel formats available


  • ERP setup and training to concerned staff whenever required
  • ERP data uploading at the time of setup
  • Hardware installation and support
  • Resolving any sort of ERP issues
  • Arranging online Classes / Seminars with stackholders

Hardware Sales & Services

  • Attendance trackers
  • Video Conference Setup
  • Computer Lab / Individual Computer
  • CC/IP Cameras
  • GPS Trackers

Test Preparation Support

  • Proven Birdsong Foundation programme for associated schools
  • Micro-schedule for each subject
  • Topic/Level wise worksheets to students
  • Printed/Soft copy of study material
  • Live and Interactive teaching by experts

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